Should You Block Your Crawl Space Vents This Winter?

If you’re wondering if you should leave your crawl space vents open or closed this winter, the answer is: Close them.

Closing crawl space vents will help keep your home warm and cozy during the Roanoke winter, keep your crawl space dry and prevent bugs and rodents from getting inside.

The Benefits

  • Moisture control: When cold outside air flows into your crawl space, it creates condensation that collects on walls and insulation. This can lead to a host of issues, such as mildew and mold and the potential for wood rot in framing and floor joists.
  • Improved air quality: Any moisture in the crawl space can increase the humidity throughout your home. Air flowing up into your house from your crawl space will also carry a lot of winter allergens and microorganisms that can cause air throughout the house to smell stale and feel stuffy. 
  • Winter energy efficiency: With the vents open, your heater will be working overtime to offset the cold air in the crawl space. That will cost you money. Closing vents and encapsulating your crawl space can save up to 18% on energy bills for homes in Roanoke and the New River Valley.
  • Pest control: Keeping those vents closed makes it a lot harder for insects and rodents like mice and rats to find their way inside to nest in your crawl space — or worse, make their way up into the warmth of your home.

How to Block Crawl Space Vents

You have options when it comes to blocking your crawl space vents. Foam blocks or other materials offer a DIY solution. Some vents are designed with louvers that can be opened and closed as needed. Or you can purchase special vent covers.

While you’re in your crawl space, be sure to check that weatherproofing, drainage, insulation and any moisture abatement systems such as a sump pump or a dehumidifier are all in good repair. Look for evidence of insect or rodent activity and take steps to remove or exterminate them. And use caulk or spray foam to close up any small cracks or holes in your masonry.

High-Quality Crawl Space Care Products

CrawlSpace Care offers many components to encapsulate your crawl space and protect your home and foundation as well as the expertise and experience to get the job done right. We offer free consultation with an estimate — contact us today to get started before winter arrives.