Premier Closed Crawl Space Care

To improve the indoor air quality in your home, reach out to Crawl Space Care VA for close crawl space installation. CrawlSpace Care® is our custom system that was created specifically for encapsulating and sealing enclosed crawl spaces. CrawlSpace Care utilizes cutting-edge advances in moisture reduction to close crawl spaces.

Our Closed Crawl Space Installation Process

In addition to our residential offerings, CrawlSpace Care proudly provides our Builders Advantage Package to home builders in our local area. As a part of this group of services, we can seal crawl spaces.

Our closed crawl space installation process includes:

  • Sealing existing vents
  • Covering the entire crawl space floor with fiberglass reinforced moisture barrier
  • Extending vapor barrier up walls & piers
  • Sealing all seams
  • Installing a drying mechanism to regulate humidity
  • Air sealing foundation and floor penetrations

We can also install custom options designed to further enhance your newly-installed close crawl space:

  • Termite treatment
  • Preventative fungal treatment
  • Insulating the foundation walls
  • Foundation drainage
  • and more

Moisture Barriers Benefit Home Builders & Homeowners

It was common practice to equip homes with crawl space ventilation systems in order to circulate air. Nowadays, with improvements in technology, that has been debunked — crawl space ventilation can be harmful to indoor air quality and energy costs.

Adding a closed crawl space to a home currently under construction can be beneficial for home buyers, home builders, and residential construction professionals in the Roanoke area. Homebuyers that see homes with moisture barriers installed in them typically associate the structures with lower utility costs and lower recurring maintenance costs. In turn, closed crawl spaces can add to the value of the home.

CrawlSpace Care is a leading provider of crawl space installation services in Roanoke and all surrounding areas. Contact us to receive a free estimate today!