Did you know that poor moisture management of your crawl space can lead to extensive and costly structural damage? At CrawlSpace Care, we make it our goal to help you prevent crawl space moisture through sealed crawl space and vapor barrier services.

Benefits of Close Crawl Spaces

With our CrawlSpace Care® system, we use innovative technologies to seal your home’s crawl space and reduce moisture underneath your home which can lead to lower energy bills and improved indoor air quality. This system can also amount to significant savings in regards to your overall energy use by reducing the amount of energy you use annually to heat and cool your home.

Other benefits you’ll face through our CrawlSpace Care® system include:

  • Quality: Enhances the overall quality of the crawl space environment.
  • Humidity levels: Reduces moisture variations during the seasonal cycle.
  • Risk factors: Reduces susceptibility to wood rot, fungi issues, and insect damage.
  • Ductwork: Protects ductwork inside the crawl space from the risk of rust and replacement.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: Indoor air quality can be compromised by dirty floors, vented crawl spaces, ambient temperature, humidity levels, and more; all these compromise indoor air quality.

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers: Protect Your Home and Health

If your house has a crawl space, you’ve probably noticed the foundation vents located alongside the outside of the home. These vents were initially created to circulate and replace stagnant air in crawl spaces with fresh air from the outside. For many years, these ventilation systems appeared to work quite well. However, scientific studies show that conventional crawl space ventilation systems may not only cost more energy dollars but also result in poor indoor air quality.

Even without warm, moist air entering through your foundation vents, your home would continue to be plagued by the harmful effects of poor moisture control as natural moisture vapors rising from the ground below seep into your home. So what can you do to remedy the multiple causes of moisture damage in your crawl spaces?

Contact Us for Moisture Control That Counts!

Here at CrawlSpace Care, we have the moisture control solutions you’re looking for! Our sealed crawl space and vapor barrier services can alleviate even the most severe moisture control problems.

Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation estimate today on your next sealed crawl space project! We can be reached by phone at 540.345.8300. You can also request an inspection by filling out the designated fields of our online form.