The crawlspace has a noticeable impact on your home’s efficiency. If there are any leaks in the crawlspace, expect to experience a higher than average power bill. The ductwork underneath your home must remain properly sealed. A hot and humid crawlspace will cause your cooling system to work a lot harder. It must use extra energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Installation of our closed crawl space system can save up to 18% on energy costs. These savings are a result of many factors.  One of the biggest factors in energy savings is stopping the loss of heat and air through unsealed areas in the crawl space.

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When our system is installed: 

  • All openings leading to and from the crawl space, including the interior and exterior of the home are sealed.
  • All exterior crawl space ventilation is sealed which prevents moist air from entering the structure
  • We insulate the exterior walls and seal plate/bandboard instead of the subfloor so we are creating the same environment below as the interior of the home
  • Instead of installing a traditional HVAC vent in the crawl area, we install a specially designed air inducer. It has a back-flow preventer to stop air from the crawl space from going back into your ductwork. This energy saver uses a balloon design. In the warmer months, it takes more conditioned air to cool air and to regulate the higher moisture levels. In the cooler months it takes less heat to achieve the same task. When the cool air hits the balloon in the inducer, it shrinks, allowing the air to flow more freely when needed. When the warmer air hits the balloon it swells, restricting the air flow, minimizing waste. This results in a lower annual heating and cooling cost cooling cost, while still achieving control of the crawl environment.