Being eco-friendly is no longer just a trend — protecting the environment has become a top priority for home buyers and green builders in Virginia and beyond. Builders trust the team at CrawlSpace Care to get the job done right, which helps reduce post-sale service calls and warranty requests.

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Protect the Environment with a Moisture Barrier

Closing a crawl space is one of the more positive “green” steps a home buyer or builder can take to help protect the environment.

Closed crawl spaces can:

Lower Energy Consumption – A vented crawl space can be a big drain on monthly energy bills. Higher bills mean higher consumption, which is bad for the environment. Closed crawl spaces in Virginia homes can cut the amount of energy required to heat and cool a home.

Improve Indoor Air Quality – The environment is more than just what is outside the walls of your home. Indoor air quality can be compromised by dirt floors, vented crawl spaces, temperature, and humidity in the crawl space, which in turn, compromises the indoor air quality.

Improve the Crawl Space Environment – Closed crawl spaces provide moisture barriers for the foundations of homes, which are environments of themselves. Vented crawl spaces are breeding grounds for rodents, termites, fungi, and other pests. On the other hand, closed crawl spaces are clean, controlled environments.

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