What is Crawl Space Insulation? 

Crawl space insulation protects your crawl space from becoming a moist environment that grows mold and mildew. Insulating your home makes your home more efficient. Keeping it warm while minimizing energy costs and your carbon footprint. 

What Type of Insulation Should be Used in a Crawl Space?

The best insulation material for crawl spaces depends on the crawl space. However, for most crawl spaces foam insulation boards are the best type of insulation. Foam insulation board is different from traditional crawl space insulation because the insulation is installed against the crawl space foundation walls rather than between floor joists. In addition, the Bora foam board we use is pretreated with Bora Care which makes it termite and moisture-resistant. It also has a 3 mil vapor barrier on each side to further prevent moisture issues and gives an additional R-value. Bora Foam is a more efficient option and doesn’t break down over time like fiberglass insulation. 

Why You Should Have Your Crawlspace Insulated

Crawl space insulation provides several mighty benefits and purposes:

Reduce Moisture 

It is common for Virginia homes to have excessive moisture in their crawl space because of the hot humid summers and cold winters. Moisture trapped in your crawl space is a leading cause of mold growth. It also can damage your home rotting the wooden structure. Insulating your crawl space can prevent moisture. 

Pest Prevention 

Another consequence of a moist mildew-ridden crawl space is it attracts pests. While the moisture alone will eat away at the structure of your home, a pest infestation increases the damage tenfold. With an insulated crawl space, pests won’t target your home. 

Better Air Quality 

Crawl spaces that are poorly insulated can affect the air quality in your home. Mold or mildew-infested crawl spaces can induce asthma and allergies because of the toxins they release into the air. A new crawl space insulation will ensure quality with every breath of fresh air. 

Energy Efficient 

Insulating a crawl space helps trap air in your home. Heat and air conditioning will no longer leak out of your house when your crawl space is insulated. Resulting in less heat being used to keep your home warm, saving energy. 

Saves Money 

An insulated crawl space saves you money by reducing the cost of heat and AC. It also saves you money by preventing damage and repairs to the structure of your home. Structural damage to your home is not cheap to repair. Insulating your crawl space is a proactive and cost efficient way to protect your home.

Our Professional Crawl Space Insulation Process

Our experts take the time to inspect the current condition of your crawl space insulation and any damage that could be caused by excessive moisture. The Crawl Space Care team is not afraid of any challenge no matter how dark and scary a crawlspace may look. We will make sure your home is as efficient as possible with a perfectly insulated crawl space.  

Our crawl space insulation process makes it easy! 

  • Inspect the current insulation:  Before the crawl space insulation, our experts inspect the current condition of your crawl space. 
  • Choose the type of Insulation: After the initial inspection, our crawl space insulation experts will be able to recommend the type of crawl space insulation that is best for your home. 
  • Install the insulation: We will remove old insulation that is no longer serviceable and replace it with new dry materials that insulate well and don’t encourage wood rot. 

Expert Crawl Space Insulation Solutions in Roanoke and Surrounding Areas

If you feel like your home doesn’t stay warm during winter and there is always a slight draft, at Crawl Space Care we are here to help! Our experts treat your home as if it was their own. 

We understand where homeowners are coming from. We work hard to make sure your crawl space is safe, dry, and comfortable. To learn more about crawl space insulation in Roanoke and the surrounding areas, or to schedule an appointment online, contact us today!

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