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Vapor Barrier Installation & Moisture Barrier Installation in Roanoke and Southwest Virginia

The warmer the air is, the more moisture it will hold. As the air cools, moisture or water vapor condenses on surfaces around it. If you’ve ever found your windshield covered with water early in the morning, that’s condensation. If the temperature is low enough, frost will form as the water vapor freezes to the surface.

At Crawlspace Care, we know the potential damage this can cause to your home, that is why we offer Vapor Barriers.

What is a Vapor Barrier?

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Vapor barriers are a great, basic starting point for households who don’t have severe problems.

In your crawlspace, a barrier will prevent moisture from seeping up from the ground. If the moisture level is low, moisture won’t cling or attach itself to concrete foundation blocks and the understructure of the home. Moisture is trapped under the foundation blocks of the structure of your home. Condensation controls are the main reason for a vapor barrier.

Vapor barriers protect your home by:

  • Decreasing Moisture Levels
  • Improving air quality
  • Adding value to home

Along with crawl space encapsulation, vapor barriers allow for a controlled environment where Moisture Levels remain low and the temperature is stabilized keeping your home air quality at healthy levels and saving up to 18% on heating & cooling costs! 

When Should You Use a Vapor Barrier?

Any home with a crawlspace should have a quality vapor barrier, as required by Virginia building regulations. If there’s an area in your crawl space that can’t be easily dried by moving air, then moisture seepage will need to be prevented. 

Our Vapor & Moisture Barrier Installation Process

Here’s how we install vapor and moisture barriers:

  1. Remove all debris
  2. Rake/level loose soil
  3. Treat soil with the product Bacazap to prevent musty odors
  4. Install 12-20 mil fiberglass reinforced vapor barrier, staked down and taped at all seams 

With vapor barrier-only service, there is full coverage on the floor but not on walls. If you would like full coverage, we offer a Closed Crawl Space Encapsulation System.

Install a Vapor Barrier Today!

A quality plastic barrier installation will provide you with worry-free protection for years. Our team of professionals at CrawlSpace Care can work with your home’s foundation to provide you with a safe, dry crawl space for years to come.

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