There are many different components that are used when installing CrawlSpace Care. Of course, different structures require different components, but just as we believe in high quality service, we also believe in using high quality materials to do the job right.

Here are some of the main components that are used when installing a CrawlSpace Care system.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier - 50 Pint

Energy Star listed, can be used in crawl spaces large or small assuming it has a properly closed crawl space, 50 pints/day, low temp operation, digital displays.

Supply Air Inducer

This device is attached to supply side of the ductwork and will introduce a small amount of conditioned air into the crawl space to help regulate the RH. It includes a backflow damper to keep bad air from entering the system.

CrawlSpace Care 6mil Wall Liner

Recommended Use:

A wall liner that is sealed to the wall at the top with an adhesive compound. The bottom is attached at floor level to a ground layer. This material is also used to wrap piers.

CrawlSpace Care 8mil Floor Liner

Recommended Use:

A floor liner that is used to cover 100% of the ground. All edges are sealed to the wall liner with tape and also sealed to the wall liner at all piers.

Sealing Tape

Recommended Use:

This is a 4in wide very strong adhesive tape used primarily to bond the seams of the floor and wall liner. It is also used to cover and seal staples

Temperature/Humidity Monitor

This device has a base unit and a wireless remote unit that measures temperature and relative humidity. Place the remote unit in the crawl space so conditions can be monitored within the home.