Lexington is one of Virginia’s most charming towns. Many people love its rural atmosphere. The area’s natural beauty seems to put everyone at ease. If you happen to live in Lexington, you need to recognize the importance of maintaining your home’s crawl space.

Moisture Control

Crawl spaces are prone to experiencing high humidity. If you fail to control the excess moisture, quite a few problems can result. For starters, pests will be more drawn to damp conditions. Some of the critters that can take refuge in your home’s crawl space include roaches, rodents, and silverfish.

Termites can be an especially big problem. These insects will quietly feed in your home’s wooden structures, including floor joists and support beams. Thousands of dollars in damage could occur.

High humidity in a crawl space also promotes the growth of mold. This fungus is known for causing families to experience flu-like symptoms. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep out moisture. Vapor barrier installation is very effective. This process involves putting down a special polyethylene covering. After getting a vapor barrier installation, you will have far more protection.

Closed Crawl Spaces

Many homes in Lexington feature an open crawl space. Unfortunately, open crawl spaces are more likely to suffer from a buildup of moisture. Aside from pest problems and mold, you also have to worry about the damp conditions causing structural damage.

The good news is that your crawl space can be closed in. Crawl space encapsulation will create a watertight seal. All of the gaps will be filled, which means air from the outside won’t be able to pass through.

The benefits of crawl space encapsulation are extensive. Some of the perks of foundation insulation include enhanced energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and a reduction of household pests. During the winter, your plumbing pipes will also be less likely to freeze.


Depending on how difficult it is to control moisture in your home’s crawl space, you may need to add components to lower humidity. A crawl space dehumidifier will help keep this area as dry as possible. Supply air inducers are also effective, which route some of the home’s conditioned air into the crawl space. Some of the other available components include humidity monitors, floor liners, and R-11 Bora Foam.

Crawl Space Care VA can help homeowners in Lexington live in healthy, mold-free homes. We offer foundation insulation, waterproofing, and several other professional services. Be sure to call our team for a free quote on service.