Located in the scenic Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg is a great place to enjoy life. Residents love the area’s quiet and relaxing atmosphere. James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University provide easy access to great educational opportunities. While Harrisonburg is one of Virginia’s best cities to live in, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of home maintenance. It’s especially crucial to keep your home’s crawl space clean and moisture-free. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should invest in crawl space encapsulation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Moisture Control

Make it a priority to keep your crawl space as dry as possible. Moisture can attract pests such as termites, which are known for causing extensive property damage. Mice and rats will also be drawn to the damp environment. Fungi growth is another common issue that stems from excess moisture in your crawlspace. As you may know, fungi have been linked to a number of troubling health ailments. Respiratory problems and chronic fatigue are among the most serious.

Crawl space waterproofing will give you an extra degree of protection. To determine if you need crawl space encapsulation, take a close look at the conditions. Wet soil and standing water definitely indicate a problem. After getting a vapor barrier installed in your home’s crawl space, you’ll be able to enjoy a greater peace of mind. Vapor barriers are designed to effectively prevent moisture from seeping underneath your home.

Crawl Space Insulation

With the cost of living on the rise, it’s important to keep your home’s energy consumption as low as possible. A poorly insulated crawl space can definitely cause your electrical bill to spike. The damp, cold air will make it far more difficult to keep your interior warm during the winter. Meanwhile, your crawl space’s humid conditions will force the A/C system to work harder in the summer. Crawl space insulation promises to save you more money in the long run.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

A crawl space dehumidifier will prove to be one of your best home investments. This feature will automatically control the amount of moisture in the crawlspace. Not only will your home be far less likely to suffer from structural damage such as sagging floors and rotted wood, but mold and mildew will be kept to a minimum. Modern dehumidifiers are built to last for a long time, which means you won’t need to replace them anytime in the near future.

CrawlSpace Care can solve all of your crawl space problems. Our certified technicians provide a wide range of different services, including vapor barrier installation and crawl space waterproofing. Contact us today for a free quote on service.