Moisture control in Pulaski, VA, is very important, as there are a lot of pests that can affect your home, and moisture can seep into your home through your crawl space. Because of the moderate temperatures that Virginia can receive throughout the year, many insects will be active throughout the warmer months. Pulaski is also located near forest areas, so it’s also near where plenty of animals live and might take refuge in areas of your home that are weakly protected against them. There are, however, several measures that homeowners in Pulaski can take to control moisture and lessen the chance of mold and pests inside the home.

Moisture Control in Pulaski, VA

Crawl Space Care VA provides several services to prevent moisture from entering your crawl space and home. You need your crawl space to be free of moisture to prevent damage to your home and to have clean air in your living areas. Crawl space encapsulation Pulaski will greatly reduce the amount of moisture in the home through a few processes.

When you seal off crawl spaces with spray foam, foam board, and vapor barrier, you’re not only cutting down on the amount of moisture that can enter the crawl space and home, but you’re also making it nearly impossible for insects to get inside the home when the encapsulation is done properly. The spray foam also makes it more difficult for small animals, such as mice, to find their way into your crawl space and the rest of your home.

Closed Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are particularly prone to mold, fungus, pest infestation, and more when they’re not properly cared for. When you have us install crawl space encapsulation, one of the first things that we’ll do is check for drainage issues, mold, and other factors that can affect the quality of your living environment.

We’ll also install vapor barrier insulation to separate your crawl space from the rest of the home and to prevent moisture from entering the crawl space. A wet crawl space attracts insects in the soil, but vapor barrier insulation will do a lot to keep them out. We’ll also seal vents and other areas where moisture can enter the crawl space by spraying foam and using foam boards.

To prevent a wet crawl space, we’ll also assess whether or not you need a dehumidifier, which can push out any moisture that seeps in through the cracks. This will turn on whenever it senses that the crawl space has more moisture in the air than a certain setting. We can also install humidity monitors so that you can keep an eye on the humidity levels without even going into your crawl space.

Components for Moisture Control

There are several parts that we use when we do a crawl space encapsulation Pulaski. We’ll install a dehumidifier that can pull up to 90 pints of water out of the air. The supply air inducer that we install will also regulate the humidity in the air by introducing a small amount of conditioned air into the crawl space. Foam insulation board will further prevent moisture and insulate the space, and we’ll also install the floor liner with sealing tape.

Crawl Space Services We Offer

  • Assessment
  • Vapor barrier insulation
  • Foam board insulation
  • Installation of dehumidifier
  • Installation of humidity monitor

If you’re concerned about pests, moisture, or mold in your home, you should call Crawl Space Care VA to learn how we can protect your home and protect the air in the living areas of your home. We’ll also get you a free estimate, so make the call today.