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The weather in Roanoke is inviting for much of the year – that is until the summer when the humidity ramps up. In addition, frequent heavy rains bring floods to the area and put basements and crawl spaces at risk of water damage. When water seeps into your crawl space, it causes numerous problems for your home, such as wood rot and fungal growth. CrawlSpace Care is here to help with services to keep your crawl space clean and dry no matter the season.

Crawl Space Enclosure

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Controlling humidity is necessary to stop water damage, pest infestations and mold growth. A crawl space dehumidifier keeps humidity and moisture under control, removing and preventing dampness in the area. However, you can’t just place a dehumidifier in the crawl space and expect the moisture to go away. Leaky pipes and open vents will continue to bring water into your crawl space and lead to future problems. Our technicians will inspect for leaks and areas where water could seep into the space before installing a dehumidifier to prevent further moisture.

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Moisture Control

Encapsulating your crawl space is an effective way to prevent moisture. High moisture levels not only lead to wood decay but also mold growth, which affects the air quality inside your home. Mold spores will spread to the ventilation system and through small cracks and crevices in the flooring and the walls. You can prevent standing water with our crawl space waterproofing services. Our encapsulating vapor barriers also provide fungi prevention, protecting your home’s structure and your family’s health in one.

Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation is the key to controlling moisture. The insulation not only helps with moisture but also with energy savings as it prevents drafts and keeps the cool or warm air inside your home. Moisture leads to more than musty odors and mold; it also causes windows and doors to stick, wood to rot and insects such as termites to infest your crawl space. Our technicians will insulate your crawl space by blocking vents and sealing cracks and crevices that lead to excessive moisture.

Get Crawl Space Care for Your Home

It’s never a good idea to let water pool up in your crawl space. Not only will it lead to wood rot over time, but it will also promote mold and mildew growth and affect your family’s health. Taking preventative action goes a long way in the fight against water and pest damage in your crawl space. Contact CrawlSpace Care to request a free inspection and to set up an appointment with our qualified technicians. Whether it’s insulation or moisture control, we provide services to combat water damage and to protect your home for the future.