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Crawlspace Solutions in Roanoke, VA

Don't put up with a dirty, damp crawlspace that smells moldy and stuffy! Bug Man's got you covered with CrawlSpace Care®.
With CrawlSpace CareĀ®, customers can expect to save as much as 18% on the cost of heating and cooling in their homes!

Vapor Barrier Services

Do you have moisture damage in your home? At CrawlSpace Care®, our vapor barrier services alleviate the multiple problems that moisture often creates.

Closed Crawlspace Insulation

Improve moisture control with our closed crawlspace services. We seal vents and install moisture barriers to prevent further problems.

Mositure & Fungus Prevention

Does fungi live in your home? If so, air quality and your health are at risk. Fungi growth can be prevented with a closed crawlspace. Call us today to learn more.

CrawlSpace Care®

Crawl Space Problems? We Can Help!

  • Open crawl space vents
  • Cold floors above crawl space in winter
  • Visible mold or mold smell in crawl space
  • Dirty and damp crawl space insulation
  • Standing water or wet areas on crawl space floor
  • Rotted wood and rusty metal surfaces
  • Insect or rodent pests in crawl space

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