As everyone spends more time in their homes, indoor air quality has become more important than ever. While powerful air filters and scrupulous housekeeping are wonderful, you may be missing a source of indoor pollution that’s right under your nose.

A vented crawl space lets in moisture that makes the area a paradise for mold, termites, and rodents. Excessive moisture in your crawl space also encourages wood rot and damaged insulation, which could cost you money to fix. Crawl space encapsulation is the solution to protecting your home and foundation from excessive moisture.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation involves protecting your entire crawl space and surrounding walls by sealing off vents and installing vapor barrier plastic to prevent wetness from seeping into the space from the ground.

At CrawlSpace Care VA, we take a holistic approach to crawl space protection. Our technicians go where no do-it-yourselfer wants to go to find out the true condition of your dank, dark crawl space. We recommend mold treatment, vapor barrier installation, and moisture control options to bring your crawl space back to standard living conditions again.

Moisture Control

While controlling moisture in your crawl space is the key to a safer and healthier home, it’s also a must for an energy-efficient home. A professional crawl space encapsulation project leaves your crawl space protected against fluctuations in moisture levels no matter the season. This means no cold spots on floors during winter. Your HVAC system uses less energy to heat or cool your home when crawl space moisture levels are kept in check.

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Vapor Barrier Plastic

Vapor barrier plastic is the star of the show when it comes to crawl space encapsulation. During vapor barrier installation, work around plumbing, ducts, and electrical wiring to cover your crawl space with a dense plastic sheeting that blocks moisture and is resistant to tears and punctures. If your crawl space tends to flood during heavy rains, we offer sump pump installation services to keep water draining out of the area.

Crawl Space Insulation

Controlling moisture levels also helps to keep your crawl space insulation dry and effective at its stated R-value. During crawl space encapsulation projects, we remove water-soaked insulation and replace it with dry materials that insulate well and don’t encourage wood rot.


Model 1820 Series

Installing a vapor barrier in a crawl space is easy. We go the extra mile by making sure moisture levels don’t spike even if you live in a humid location. Besides installing a sump pump to get standing water moving away from your home’s foundation, we’ll install a crawl space dehumidifier to keep the area dry and free of fungus. If your crawl space requires mold treatment, then it’ll likely benefit from a crawl space dehumidifier.

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CrawlSpace Care VA is committed to making homes safe and healthy for families. The money that you save by making your home more energy efficient with crawl space encapsulation is a welcome by-product of our services. Getting started with a crawl space encapsulation is easy with CrawlSpace Care VA.

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