Flooded or Wet Crawl Space: What you need to know and do?

The quality of your crawl space can determine your home’s foundational structure. If your crawl space is wet, it can introduce a host of issues, including harming your air quality by causing mold or making it a home for insects and rodents.

A wet crawl space can indicate an issue with a sump pump or cracks and rot of a home’s foundation.

CrawlSpace Care can help dry it out and protect your crawl space from future issues.

Why dry out a wet crawl space?

A flooded crawl space will allow for mold to build and create an air quality that can cause allergy and other health issues. It should be treated as soon as possible to stop it from creating health risks.

A flooded or wet crawl space also can cause your home’s foundation to rot, which will be more expensive down the road if the space isn’t dried out.

Know the source of your wet crawl space

A torrential rainfall or high humidity brought on by precipitation could be behind a wet crawl space. A crawl space also can become wet or damp by a sump pump working improperly. Water also could be retained within a vapor barrier in your crawl space. CrawlSpace Care can inspect your crawl space for the source of your dampness issues and assess the proper treatments.


After the initial drying, there are further steps you can take to prevent a wet or flooded crawl space in the future.

An enclosed crawl space from CrawlSpace Care can prevent moisture and flooding issues after the space is dried out.

A crawl space that functions properly and is enclosed can help you save up to 18% on heating and cooling your entire home reduce insect or rodent issues. You’ll also leave behind health risks from mold buildup. Most importantly, your foundation will remain structurally sound with an enclosed space.

Contact CrawlSpace Care to schedule an inspection and hassle-free estimate to solve your issues.