Vapor Barrier

The Importance of Having Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

If you own an older home, chances are you have a crawl space—an unfinished area between the ground and the first floor of a house. These spaces are typically 3ft high, have dirt floors, and ventilation to the outside environment. Crawl spaces were popular for decades because they presented an inexpensive way to install ductwork, plumbing, and electrical wiring. Most importantly, it was believed that crawl spaces supplied an effective buffer between the home and the wet earth below.

The Importance of Having a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Now we know that rather than being a solution to moisture control, crawl spaces are very often a primary culprit. Water (in the form of vapor from the ground) becomes trapped in this area and can wreak havoc on your home’s integrity. If your home has an untreated crawl space, you’re at high risk for toxic mold, wood rot, termite and rodent infestations, and eventually structural failure. The good news is that you don’t have to sell your home and look for a new place to live. What you need is a vapor barrier.

What is a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

Crawl space vapor barriers are often the first solution when addressing moisture control problems because they are both relatively inexpensive and effective. A vapor barrier is durable plastic sheet that covers the floor of your crawlspace. It serves as a waterproof layer between your home and the ground. Vapor barriers prevent moisture from seeping in through the ground and into your foundation.

How Do Vapor Barriers Work?

In high-humidity areas, or areas where it rains frequently, the ground absorbs water—including the space under your home. As temperatures rise and fall, moisture in the air becomes condensation. Even if your crawlspace has ventilation, it’s often not sufficient to keep the excess moisture from damaging the structural foundation of your home. Vapor Barriers work by trapping ground moisture. The large plastic sheet covers the soil and prevents moisture from evaporating into the crawl space environment. This decreases moisture levels, improves air quality, and adds value to your home.

How CrawlSpace Care Installs Vapor Barriers

Our pros at CrawlSpace Care bring years of experience to assessing and treating your crawl space. When we install a vapor barrier, we do much more than simply lay down a plastic sheet. First, we carefully remove all debris. Next, we rake and level the loose soil, so the vapor barrier lays flat against the ground. Then we treat the soil with a product called Bacazap to remove and prevent musty odors. Finally, we install a 12-20 millimeter fiberglass reinforced vapor barrier that we stake down and tape at the seams to seal moisture underneath. With vapor barrier-only service, there is full coverage on the floor but not on walls. If you would like full coverage, we offer a crawl space encapsulation system.

Contact CrawlSpace Care for A Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor barriers are the first line of defense against damaging moisture problems in your crawl space. If you suspect that you have a moisture control problem in your crawl space, contact us! We offer free crawl space inspections, trustworthy professionals, and fairly-priced services. We are proud to be Roanoke’s trusted source for crawl space treatment. Contact us for your vapor barrier installation today.