Plastic for vapor barriers and crawl space encapsulation

Vapor Barriers vs. Crawl Space Encapsulation: Which is Right for You?

Crawl spaces need special care because of the moisture than can build up within them. Moisture also leads to potential for pests, molds, and other major problems in our homes. There are different ways to protect against crawl space problems, but which type of care is best for your home: crawl space encapsulation or crawl space vapor barriers? Let’s explore both.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation shields both the walls and floor of your crawl space from moisture by closing off outside vents and by adding vapor barrier plastic to the floor to stop dampness from rising from the ground into the space.

These moisture barriers keep healthy air flowing through your home by helping to prevent mildew and mold. Less moisture in the air also keeps your HVAC system operating efficiently and lowers energy bills. 

If frequent heavy rain or a high water table affects your crawl space, Crawl Space Care will go the extra mile to install a sump pump to help move water away from your home’s foundation or a crawl space dehumidifier to fight extra humid conditions.

What are Crawl Space Vapor Barriers?

A crawl space vapor barrier is dense and durable plastic sheeting that’s installed on the floor of your crawl space to prevent wetness from the ground from getting in. 

This keeps moisture levels in your crawl space low, improving air quality, keeping the threat of mildew and mold at bay and allowing your home’s HVAC system to work more efficiently — it can cut up to 18% off your heating and cooling bills.

To install the vapor barrier, Crawl Space Care will remove clear any debris from your crawl space floor and rake it level. The soil also is treated with a product that prevents musty odors. Finally, the vapor barrier is put into place, worked around vents and wiring, staked down and taped at the seams. 

Which Process Do I Need?

The solution depends on construction of your crawl space and how much moisture it generates. 

If your crawl space is completely unprotected, a full-service crawl space encapsulation will provide all the tools to best protect your home and your family from all the issues caused by excess moisture.

If your crawl space was encapsulated years ago but there is obvious wear and tear, you may just need a vapor barrier replacement. Or if you use dehumidifiers but don’t see vapor barriers, you may just need those installed to complete encapsulation.

Still not sure whether you need a crawl space encapsulation or a vapor barrier in Roanoke? 

Crawl Space Care offers free inspections. Let a professional analyze your space and help you make the right choice for your home. Schedule your free inspection.