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Located within Virginia’s Montgomery County, Christiansburg currently has a population of 21,041 people. It is one of the three municipalities that make up the Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford metropolitan area. While the New River was originally discovered by European settlers in 1671, the town of Christiansburg was not officially settled until much later.

Christiansburg is connected to surrounding areas through three major highways. Residents can access the city of Radford only 10 miles away. Meanwhile, the town of Blacksburg is placed less than a mile to the north of Christiansburg.

People are drawn to Christiansburg because of its convenient location and comfortable climate. While many entrepreneurs and homeowners decide to call this area home, Christiansburg still has pest problems like other parts of Virginia. In order to avoid major issues, commercial companies and residential properties can take a few preventative measures to stop pests in their tracks.

Moisture Control

Crawlspaces frequently have a problem with moisture control. These crawlspaces are placed next to the outside world, which makes it easier for moisture to enter the area within the crawlspace. Once there is moisture present, pests can easily take up residence in the crawlspace.

Homeowners and businesses can prevent pest problems and protect their building’s integrity by removing moisture from crawlspaces. One way to achieve this goal is by creating a closed crawlspace. Other than traditional techniques, there are also eco-friendly ways to close off a crawlspace. Clients can also discover ways to control moisture and pests through fungi prevention and waterproofing.

Closed Crawlspaces

A closed crawlspace can be created from a ventilated crawlspace by making a few simple changes. By converting to a closed crawlspace, buildings can get rid of humidity, fungi and moisture damage right away. The entire process involves sealing vents and installing a moisture barrier on the floors.


Crawlspace Care can help companies and homeowners find the right components for their crawlspaces. Our company offers components like supply air inducers, crawlspace dehumidifiers, sealing tape, wall liners, floor liners and humidity monitors. Through these options, it is possible to prevent moisture from developing and causing issues within the crawlspace.

At Crawlspace Care, homeowners and business managers can get the crawlspace services they need to avoid pest and moisture problems. Our company helps through some of the following services.

If you are concerned about the moisture in your crawlspace, you have come to the right place. A ventilated crawlspace can lead to rotting wood, termites, pest issues and other problems. To stop your crawlspace from developing moisture damage, call our company today to find out how we can help.