Crawlspaces are often neglected because they are not generally visible to homeowners on a daily basis. Nevertheless, crawl spaces are an important part of nearly any home, and they need to be maintained properly.

If you are a homeowner in Winchester, VA, read on to learn the importance of keeping your crawlspaces maintained in the right way.

Moisture Control

In general, a home’s frame and wiring are directly exposed to crawl spaces. When there is too much humidity in crawl spaces, boards can begin to rot away while the odds of an electrical fire can be substantially increased.

Dehumidifiers, humidity detectors, and other equipment can control moisture levels in crawl spaces in an effective and reliable manner. Therefore, it is important for homeowners in Winchester to use modern solutions to monitor and manage the moisture in their crawl spaces.

Close Crawl Space Installation

Closed crawl spaces are sealed to prevent humidity and bugs from coming into contact with sensitive building materials. The process of closing a crawl space also usually involves adding mechanical ventilation to minimize humidity.

Studies have shown that closing crawl spaces can significantly reduce building depreciation in a cost-effective way. Closed crawl spaces are also advantageous because they reduce energy consumption. Not all buildings can benefit from closed crawl spaces, but closing up a crawl space can be highly beneficial in some situations.

Crawlspace Components

There are a wide variety of crawlspace components that can be used as part of a Winchester Crawl Space Care project. Some of the main components that are often used include:

  • Dehumidifiers: Many homeowners in Winchester who choose to use closed crawl spaces do so because of excessive humidity levels. Crawl space dehumidifiers can reliably reduce humidity in a way that helps to preserve structures.
  • Floor liners: Plastic floor liners are used in sealing to prevent potentially humid air from directly touching floorboards, drywall, and electrical equipment. Floor liners also help to increase a building’s energy efficiency.
  • Humidity Monitors: Electronic humidity monitors can be installed to prevent humidity levels from getting too high. Humidity modifiers can also help to balance relative humidity during periods of extreme outdoor humidity.

Other Services Offered by Winchester Crawl Space Care

CrawlSpace Repair and Moisture Control

When caring for your crawl space, it is important to rely on experienced professionals who understand how to preserve the value of your property. Crawlspace Care is a family-owned business that specializes specifically in helping property owners keep their crawlspaces protected.

The company has a thorough understanding of the latest technologies and techniques for managing crawlspaces. With the help of Crawlspace Care, you can keep your home mold-free to preserve the value of your property investment and keep your family safe. Contact Crawlspace Care today for a free quote.