If you have a crawlspace and want to take care of it, our service can help. Some people don’t pay much attention to their crawlspace. You don’t want to make that mistake if you want to get the most from your home. When you don’t care for your crawlspace, you could encounter moisture problems and insects.

You could even have trouble heating or cooling your home if your crawlspace is not properly protected. Work with an experienced crawlspace team to overcome those problems and get the outcome for which you have been searching, and you will be glad you did. The right team will save you money and safeguard your crawlspace from unexpected problems.

Moisture Control

You don’t want moisture in your crawlspace. When you get moisture in your crawlspace, it can damage your wood and cause a range of other problems. The way you address these issues impacts your home’s value and your health.

Moisture in your crawlspace leads to mold. You then notice a musty smell in your crawlspace and throughout your home if you are not careful, problems you don’t want to face. We offer crawl space moisture control services that won’t let you down or leave you disappointed.

Our team installs vapor barriers that prevent outside moisture from getting inside your crawlspace. This reduces water damage and stops mold from growing.

Closed & Vented Crawl Spaces

Our crawlspace encapsulation service meets your needs in more ways than one. When we close your crawlspace, we seal vents to prevent unwanted airflow. That is only the start.

We cover your entire crawlspace with a moisture barrier that keeps all moisture at bay, which improves the quality and lifespan of your crawlspace and home. You prevent unwanted moisture from building up and giving mold a chance to grow.

Closed & vented crawl spaces protect your crawlspace from insects. In simple terms, a closed crawlspace prevents moisture and pests from getting inside your home when you least expect it. You achieve peace of mind and know that your crawlspace is in the best possible hands. You increase your home’s value and prevent future problems from taking place.

Get a Free Quote on Crawl Space Repair & Maintenance

Looking for crawl space repair and maintenance in Bedford, VA? Our team at Crawl Space Care comes to your home on a day that works for you. We go over our crawlspace services and let you know how we can help, but that’s not all. We also inspect your crawlspace to find any hidden issues about which you should know.

The steps we take ensure you get the best results possible. We seal your crawlspace and treat it for insects so that you won’t have to face those problems. You will likely find that protecting your crawlspace saves you money over time. If you want to learn more about crawlspace care Bedford, contact us for a free quote today.